The role of the Casting Director is to book auditions and hire performers (in most cases, through a performer’s Talent Agent). If you do not have a Talent Agent, it can be difficult to know what roles are available and when. Audition sessions happen so quickly ACTRA does not have an opportunity to post them – it’s up to you to find out about them either by keeping in contact with the Casting Directors or through your Talent Agent if you have one.

The Casting Directors listed below operate in SASKATCHEWAN. You can cross-reference this listing with the What’s Shooting list to discover which Casting Directors are currently casting for shows in Saskatchewan. Casting Directors do not charge sign-up fees or commission. They are an employee of the Producer whose job it is to find suitable candidates for the types of roles that a production needs to fill.

Note: Performers should not be charged for courses conducted by Casting Directors on how to be a Background Performer or set etiquette as a condition of their employment.

Casting Directors listed below have worked on at least three (3) ACTRA signatory productions in the past five (5) years.

Brenda McCormick