Welcome to ACTRA Saskatchewan

ACTRA Saskatchewan represents members across the province. Our elected Council of 6 directs policy, member services, budgetary decisions, awards, training and social activities. ACTRA is one of the biggest, full-service cultural unions in Canada representing the interests of over 30,000 members across Canada.


President's Message

The future will come but the present is a little worrying. With production being curtailed all over the country, times are difficult for our industry. Nation wide, Canadians are trying to stem the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. In Saskatchewan, we have put our efforts to revive our province’s film business on hold for the most part.

What's shooting in Saskatchewan

When you’re part of ACTRA, you’re part of the strongest, full-service cultural union in Canada. Our performers are professionals and our province's locations are legendary. From Wild West towns, to the plains of Kansas and the bitter chill of Siberia, Saskatchewan can play any role and ACTRA’s Agreements fit every budget. We are open for business! If you hear about any productions not listed, please contact us using the contacts at the bottom of the page.

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